Welcome to my online portfolio. On these pages you can find out more about my academic and professional work.

I am currently an Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literatures and Director of the Language Learning Center at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. I joined the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures  in the summer of 2009. Before that I served as an Instructor and later Assistant Professor of German and Manager of the Foreign Language Resource Center at Pomona College for four years.

The unifying theme of my research is: (Language) Learning Spaces. Those spaces can be physical, virtual, hybrid, or social. All of them are undergoing immense changes as technology rapidly advances and new forms and expectations of learning and teaching emerge. This has led to a number of research questions that I am pursuing: How will physical learning spaces look in an increasingly digital future? Can digital spaces be as immersive as physical ones, or even more so? How do modes of communication change because of these developments? Under this research theme, my interests include learning space design, language center design, digital storytelling language learning and technology, portfolios,  language learning and computer games, gamification, as well as alternate reality simulations and imagined communities.

You can find my current and upcoming projects on my portfolio page. Please also visit my blogYou can download my CV here

I am very excited to announce the the edited volume “From Language Lab to Language Center and Beyond: The Past, Present, and Future of Language Center Design” is hot off the press and available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.