Keynotes & Plenaries

International Keynote

Language Learning in Digital Gaming Spaces

digiLAL: Researching Digital Technologies in Languages and Applied Linguistics

July 13th 2017, Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

International Keynote

“Developing Built Pedagogy: Physical Language Learning Spaces in a Digital World”

Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium


“Fads, Failures, and Fantastic Feats: Chasing the Holy Grail of Language Learning Technology”

TFLTA-West Conference (March, 2017)

Plenary speaker

“Digital Language Learning: A Liberal Arts Exploration of New Modes of Teaching and Learning Languages” Symposium – Middlebury College (April, 2017)

 Keynote speaker at the 2016 RANACLES Conference – Université Paris-Sorbonne – France (November 24-26, 2016)

From Language Lab to Language Center and Beyond: The Past, Present and Future of Language Learning Center Design


“Embracing Hybridity in (Language) Learning Space Design”

2017 Northeast Association for Language Learning Technology Conference at Muhlenberg College (March 2017)

 Keynote speaker at the 2016 New England Regional Association for Language Learning Technology Conference – Mount Holyoke College (October 27-28, 2016)

Beyond the Language Center: Physical, Digital and Hybrid Learning Spaces for Language Learning

 Keynote speaker at the 2016 Maryland Foreign Language Association Conference – Howard Community College (October 21-22, 2016)

Panacea or Chocolate-Covered Broccoli? Games, Gamification, and Language Learning

FLEAT Closing Plenary: 50 Years and Beyond: Drawing on Our Past to Predict Our Future

FLEAT VI, Harvard University – August 14, 2015

ACTFL Plenary: The Tipping Point: Language Learning for a Changed World – “Spaces Matter” (2013)


“Tag, you’re it: Language Learner Motivation, Identities and Agency in Computer Gaming Spaces”

Keynote presentation for the FLTP (Foreign Language Technology Program) fall semester at the University of Colorado, Boulder; October 18, 2013

“Language Learning Spaces at Small Liberal Arts Colleges”
Inauguration keynote presentation for the New Language Learning Center at Willamette University, October 26, 2012

Current Work

Book project (monograph) on language learning spaces

Imagined community simulation and gamification project. More info here as the projects unfolds.

Space Design

Consulting and workshops –

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Language Learning Center at Rhodes College

Foreign Language Resource Center at Pomona College

(Language) Learning and Technology

Workshops and Professional Development

I frequently offer workshops and professional development opportunities for higher education faculty and staff, as well as for K-12 teachers. Topics range from a general overview on language learning and technology  to more specific areas such as digital storytelling, games and gamification in higher education and/or language learning, the use of physical and virtual spaces in (language) teaching, blended learning, imagined communities, and reflective portfolios.

Digital Storytelling

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Alternate reality simulations and imagined communities

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Games/gamification in (language) learning

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Blended learning

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Reflective portfolios

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